Hassan Ziaaddini

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BACKGROUND This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of cigarette smoking and some of the related factors among schizophrenic and other hospitalized psychiatric patients. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study on 120 patients hospitalized in Shahid Beheshti hospital in Kerman in 2005. Patients were equally devided in two groups of schizophrenia and(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated the epidemiology of drug abuse among high school students in Kerman. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study on a randomly selected sample of 652 first and second grade high school students (256 boys, 396 girls) in Kerman. They were informed that their answers would be classified and nameless before they filled(More)
BACKGROUND Substance abuse is one of the main health problems in Iran andawareness about its spread and procedure of spread in the society,particularly the susceptible society of students, is very important withregard to the population pyramid of Iran. METHODS This study was performed by cross-sectional method. The sampling sizewas 610 male students in(More)
BACKGROUND There are numerous studies and documents regarding the prevalence of smoking in Iran. Thus, to provide suitable information for decision-making and policy-making in this regard, the prevalence of smoking in Iran was evaluated using the meta-analysis of the results of the existing researches. METHODS Data were collected by searching the keywords(More)
BACKGROUND Considering the fear of drug addicts from hangover symptoms and the costs of withdrawal treatment and their importance in deciding to withdraw, it is helpful to identify various ways of withdrawal and their effects. This study investigated the withdrawal symptoms of two methods of detoxification with clonidine and rapid detoxification of(More)
BACKGROUND Drug abuse is usually associated with behavioral disorders in children especially conduct disorder. This study investigated the behavioral disorders of children whose parents were opium or heroin dependent in compare with children whose parents were non-addicts to find the effects of drug abuse on offspring's behavior disorders by adjusting(More)
BACKGROUND Since the number of drug users is increasing, applying a method of detoxification with fewer side effects during withdrawal from opioids and greater reliability seems to be necessary. In addition, without maintenance treatment, there will be limited success of treatment. This study aimed to compare success rates of detoxification with sublingual(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to investigate the initial dosage of methadone and factors affecting it in maintenance therapy. METHODS This cross-sectional, descriptive-analytic study was conducted on 157 individuals referring to a methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) clinic. The initial dosage of methadone was 20-45 mg which was adjusted during the treatment(More)
Corresponding Author : Hassan ziaaddini , MD, Associate professor of psychiatry, Department of psychiatry, Kerman Neuroscience Research Center , Shahid Beheshit Hospital , Jomhuri Ave , Kerman , Iran . Tel : 0341 2116328 Fax : 0341 2110856 Email: h_ziaaddini@yahoo.com Objective: Few studies have examined the relationship between childhood maltreatment and(More)
BACKGROUND Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder are amongrelatively prevalent disorders during childhood and adolescence.Considering the negative impact of the parents' drug dependency andbipolar disorder, the present study aimed to determine the prevalence ofADHD and conduct disorder in children of drug-dependent and bipolar(More)