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We explore properties of the entropy, Kullback-Leibler information, and mutual information for order statistics. The probability integral transformation plays a pivotal role in developing our results. We provide bounds for the entropy of order statistics and some results that relate entropy ordering of order statistics to other well-known orderings of(More)
In this paper, the behaviour of oesophageal cancer has been modelled to provide treatment for patients with oesophageal squamous carcinoma. In this method, the dose of chemotherapy drugs is calculated using a combination of neural networks. Implementation shows that the proposed method is able to effectively treat oesophageal cancer. The results of the(More)
In recent years, use of the artificial neural networks has been considered in predicting the effects of different variables on a given variable and modeling these variables have with one another. In this research, first, artificial neural networks have been used to predict the results of treatment of esophageal cancer in patients with esophageal squamous(More)
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