Hassan Yousefi-Azari

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The Padmakar-Ivan (PI) index of a graph G is the sum over all edges uv of G of the number of edges which are not equidistant from u and v. In this paper, the notion of vertex PI index of a graph is introduced. We apply this notion to compute an exact expression for the PI index of Cartesian product of graphs. This extends a result by Klavzar [On the PI(More)
Let G be a graph. The distance d(u,v) between the vertices u and v of the graph G is equal to the length of a shortest path that connects u and v. The Wiener index W(G) is the sum of all distances between vertices of G, whereas the hyper-Wiener index WW(G) is defined as WW(G)=12W(G)+12@?"{"u","v"}"@?"V"("G")d (u,v)^2. In this paper the hyper-Wiener indices(More)