Hassan Y. Ebrahim

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We review the recently established relationships between black hole entropy in string theory and the quantum entanglement of qubits and qutrits in quantum information theory. The first example is provided by the measure of the tripartite entanglement of three qubits (Alice, Bob and Charlie), known as the 3-tangle, and the entropy of the 8-charge ST U black(More)
Sipholenol A is a natural sipholane triterpenoid isolated from the Red Sea sponge, Callyspongia siphonella. Previous studies showed the antimigratory and antiproliferative activities of the semisynthetic sipholenol A esters against breast cancer cell lines. This study investigated the effects of sipholenol A-4-O-3',4'-dichlorobenzoate (SPA) on the growth,(More)
Receptor tyrosine kinases are key regulators of cellular growth and proliferation. Dysregulations of receptor tyrosine kinases in cancer cells may promote tumorigenesis by multiple mechanisms including enhanced cell survival and inhibition of cell death. Araguspongines represent a group of macrocyclic oxaquinolizidine alkaloids isolated from the marine(More)
We show that the three-qubit entanglement classes: (0) Null, (1) Separable A-B-C, (2a) Biseparable A-BC, (2b) Biseparable B-CA, (2c) Biseparable CAB , (3) W and (4) GHZ correspond respectively to ranks 0, 1, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3 and 4 of a Freudenthal triple system defined over the Jordan algebra C ⊕ C ⊕ C. We also compute the corresponding SLOCC orbits.
The hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)/mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor (c-Met) signaling axis has gained considerable attention as an attractive molecular target for therapeutic blockade of cancer. Inspired by the chemical structure of S (-)-oleocanthal, a natural secoiridoid from extra-virgin olive oil with documented anticancer activity against(More)
Marine natural products (MNPs) are recognized for their structural complexity, diversity, and novelty. The vast majority of MNPs are pharmacologically relevant through their ability to modulate macromolecular targets underlying human diseases. Angiogenesis is a fundamental process in cancer progression and metastasis. Targeting angiogenesis through(More)
An industrial adiabatic fixed-bed reactor for the catalytic reforming of methane to synthesis gas on a commercial supported Ni catalyst at high temperature and pressure (P tot =39 bar, T g =894 K), is simulated using a steady-state one-dimensional heterogeneous reactor model. Both external concentration and temperature gradients as well as intra-particle(More)
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