Hassan Shibly

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A simplified, closed-form version of the basic mechanics of a driven rigid wheel on low-cohesion deformable terrain is presented. This approach allows the formulation of an on-line terrain parameter estimation algorithm, which has important applications for planetary exploration rovers. Analytical comparisons of the original and simplified equations are(More)
Future planetary exploration missions will require rovers to traverse very rough terrain with limited human supervision. Wheel-terrain interaction plays a critical role in rough-terrain mobility. In this paper an on-line estimation method that identifies key terrain parameters using on-board rover sensors is presented. These parameters can be used for(More)
[15] C. F. Olson, " Adaptive-scale filtering and featuring detection using range data, " IEEE Trans. Application of partition-based median type filters for suppressing noise in images, " IEEE Trans. The interpretation of phase and intensity data from AMCW light detection sensors for reliable ranging, " Int. J. Abstract—Future planetary exploration missions(More)
Future planetary exploration missions will require rovers to perform difficult tasks in rough terrain, with limited human supervision. Many current motion planning and control algorithms do not consider the physical characteristics of the rover and its environment, which limits their effectiveness in rough terrain. This paper presents an overview of(More)
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