Hassan Sayyadi

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The dynamic nature of citation networks makes the task of ranking scientific articles hard. Citation networks are continually evolving because articles obtain new citations every day. For ranking scientific articles, we can define the popularity or prestige of a paper based on the number of past citations at the user query time; however, we argue that what(More)
Topic detection with large and noisy data collections such as social media must address both scalability and accuracy challenges. KeyGraph is an efficient method that improves on current solutions by considering keyword cooccurrence. We show that KeyGraph has similar accuracy when compared to state-of-the-art approaches on small, well-annotated collections,(More)
The rapid growth of the World-Wide Web poses unprecedented scaling challenges for general-purpose crawlers and search engines, A focused crawler aims at selectively seek out pages that are relevant to a pre-defined set of topics. Besides specifying topics by some keywords, it is customary also to use some exemplary documents to compute the similarity of a(More)
Several metrics have been proposed for recognition of relationships between elements of two Ontologies. Many of these methods select a number of such metrics and combine them to extract existing mappings. In this article, we present a method for selection of more effective metrics – based on data mining techniques. Furthermore, by having a set of metrics,(More)
The constraint of a web crawler that downloads only relevant pages is still a major challenge in the field of information retrieval systems. Rather than visiting all the web pages, a focused crawler visits only the section of the web that contains relevant pages, and at the same time, tries to skip irrelevant sections. Existing ontology based web crawlers(More)
The Web, containing a large amount of useful information and resources, is expanding rapidly. Web crawlers are one of the most crucial components in search engines and their optimization would have a great effect on improving the searching efficiency. Focused Crawlers can selectively retrieve Web documents relevant to a specific domain to build collections(More)
Despite the rise in video-on-demand consumption, live TV is still the most popular way to consume video entertainment. At Comcast we are developing novel ways to make it easy for our customers to access the live TV content that is interesting and relevant for them at the current moment. In this talk, we will describe some of the latest research at Comcast(More)