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Petri net is used widely to analyze and model various systems formally. Recently, Many Petri nets mania devote their efforts to enhancing and extending the expressive Power of Petri nets. One such effort is to extend Petri nets with object-oriented concepts. An object-oriented paradigm provides excellent concepts to model real-world problems.(More)
Main purpose of this project is to solve the Rubik's cube with a robot based on non-invasive brain-computer interface without using hands and only thinking about the rubik's cube rotation. This method improves speed of solving and also helps disabled persons who they can't solve the Rubik's cube with their hands. To this new idea we use Emotiv EPOC(More)
The main idea of this project is movement control of a robot based on non-invasive brain computer interface and with several human simultaneously thinking about choosing a direction of move. In these experiments we used three persons to control the robot. For example, when a car is to move on the road or street, suddenly the driver experiences drowsiness or(More)
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