Hassan Sadri

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Hemorrhage is the leading cause of death in patients with a pelvic fracture. The majority of blood loss derives from injured retroperitoneal veins and broad cancellous bone surfaces. The emergency management of multiply injured patients with pelvic ring disruption and severe hemorrhage remains controversial. Although it is well accepted that the displaced(More)
This paper presents a hip joint motion simulation method using accurate hip joint center and hip range of motion. We calculate the extreme hip joint range of motion centered on the hip joint center (HJC) that is located by an automatic calculation algorithm on 3D reconstructed surface models. We make 3D bone surface models from CT (Computer Tomography) or(More)
In the 20-50-year age group, hip pain usually indicates dysplasia. Chronic mechanical pain is the usual pattern, although acute pain caused by avulsion or degeneration of the labrum may occur. The morphological characteristics of the dysplastic hip should be evaluated, and the link between the dysplasia and the osteoarthritis should be confirmed. Three(More)
Preoperative planning, or intraoperative navigation of hip surgery, including joint-preserving procedures such as osteotomy or joint-replacing procedures such as total arthroplasty, needs to be performed with a high degree of accuracy to ensure a successful outcome. The ability to precisely localise the hip joint rotation centre may prove to be very useful(More)
The gold standard for treating transverse olecranon fractures is tension band fixation. A problem with this technique is migration of the K-wires leading to premature hardware removal. The aim of this study is to compare stability provided by two new techniques designed to eliminate the problem with backing out of K-wires, with that of the recommended(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of serious micro- and macrovascular diseases that affect nearly every system in the body, including the respiratory system. Non-enzymatic protein glycation due to hyperglycaemic stress has fundamental implications due to the large capillary network and amount of connective tissue in the lung. The current study was designed(More)
BACKGROUND Anecdotal evidence from second-look hip arthroscopies and animal studies has suggested spontaneous labral regrowth may occur after débridement. However, these observations have not been systematically confirmed. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We (1) determined whether labral regrowth occurs after débridement in human hips; (2) if so, described the(More)
We report the results of a titanium acetabular reinforcement ring with a hook (ARRH) in primary total hip arthroplasty (THA), which was introduced in 1987 and continues to be used routinely in our center. The favorable results of this device in arthroplasty for developmental dysplasia and difficult revisions motivated its use in primary THA. With this(More)
Leucine (Leu), one of the three branch chain amino acids, acts as a signaling molecule in the regulation of overall amino acid (AA) and protein metabolism. Leucine is also considered to be a potent stimulus for the secretion of insulin from pancreatice β-cells. Our objective was to study the effects of a duodenal bolus infusion of Leu on insulin and(More)