Hassan Rasheed

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Due to the rapid emergence of Information Technology, cloud computing provides assorted advantages to service providers, developers, organizations, and customers with respect to scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and availability. However, it also introduces new challenges and concerns, especially in terms of security and privacy. One of the(More)
Research on security systems has typically focused on improving the performance and reliability of a single technique, algorithm or mechanism. There is also significant potential, however, in studying security as the product of a few key systems and then analyzing how those systems can best be integrated to achieve better overall system security. Most(More)
Internet-based information technology (IT) has grown in its importance to value chain of firms. This research tests variations of previous IT models that suggest performance is affected by technology characteristics, organizational technology, resources and system utilization variables. Data from 165 firms that use the Internet to manage value chain(More)
Grid computing enables sharing, selection and aggregation of large collections of geographically and organizationally distributed heterogeneous resources to increase computational, and storage power, resource accessibility and utilization for solving large-scale data intensive problems in science, engineering and commerce. One of the distinct(More)
We present the architecture and design of the IANOS scheduling framework. The goal of the new Grid scheduling system is to provide a general job submission framework allowing optimal positioning and scheduling of HPCN applications. The scheduling algorithms used to calculate best-suited resources are based on an objective cost function that exploits(More)