Hassan Noura

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This paper deals with the design of a residual generator for fault detection and isolation in the dynamic closed-loop systems based on the balance of energy which "enters" and "leaves" plants. The main contribution of this paper consists in developing a suitable fault detection and isolation technique to detect faults in single-input single-output(More)
This paper proposes a steganographic method based on adaptive least-significant bit (LSB) approach, using pixel-value differencing (PVD) and chaotic sequences to embed high capacity messages in a secure manner. Difference values of two adjacent pixels are used to estimate the secret bits number to insert in corresponding pixels. This technique has the(More)
In this paper a fault detection and isolation (FDI) method coupled with a fault tolerant control system are developed in order to deal with control surface failures for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The failures considered are stuck control surfaces which occur during the aircraft manoeuvres: turn, velocity and slope variations. These faults are(More)
A growing number of systems are highly connected and distributed over the internet. These systems require innovative software services and infrastructures in order to guarantee security and reliability. This issue has a particular relation with a wide range of topics such as real-time scheduling and encryption with Quality of Service constraints which are(More)
This paper investigates the application of a fault diagnosis and accommodation method to a real system composed of three tanks. The performance of a closed-loop system can be altered by the occurrence of faults which can, in some circumstances, cause serious damage on the system. The research goal is to prevent the system deterioration by developing a(More)