Hassan Niknejad

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Amniotic epithelial cells (AECs) have been the subject of interest due to their stem cells characteristics. Pluripotency, lack of teratoma formation, low immunogenicity and no ethical issues make them an alternative source of stem cells for generation of dopaminergic neurons in vitro. AECs may differentiate into midbrain dopaminergic neurons in the presence(More)
Amniotic membrane (AM), the nearest layer of fetal membranes to the fetus, contains two types of cells with unique characteristics that make them excellent candidates for clinical applications. Amniotic epithelial and mesenchymal cells have low immunogenicity, anti-inflammation, anti-fibrosis and anti-bacterial properties and no ethical issues. Although(More)
In the last step of desolvation method for preparation of albumin nanoparticles, glutaraldehyde (GA) is added to stabilize the newly formed nanoparticles. Due to undesirable effects of GA, the objective of this study was to evaluate alternative methods of crosslinking including ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, adding of glucose and combination of both methods.(More)
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