Hassan Nazir Raja

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In this paper we present an autonomous control system, a cost effective autonomous underwater vehicle, and their integration capable of localizing and navigating relative to the boundaries of a bounded body of water. The vehicle is controlled by two propellers driven by Transmotec motors one on each lateral side of the vehicle. Two sensors are used to(More)
Rosai Dorfman Disease is a rare disease presenting mainly as painless enlargement of cervical lymph nodes. It is a benign disorder showing unique histological features characterized by reactive proliferation of sinus histiocytes. In 40% of cases, extranodal sites may be involved. The condition has to be differentiated from certain types of B cell lymphoma(More)
Spontaneous rupture of the Achilles tendon is increasingly common in the middle aged population. However, the cause for the particularly high incidence of injury in this age group is not well understood. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify age-specific differences in the Achilles tendon-muscle complex using an animal model. Functional(More)
AIM The goal of this case report is to describe the dermatologic and conjunctival findings in a case of bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation (BDUMP), a paraneoplastic syndrome usually associated with gynecologic cancers. There is little information about other dermatologic melanocytic findings in these patients. METHODS Histologic and(More)
We present a rare case of large bowel obstruction secondary to colonic gallstones in a frail nonagenarian. Uniquely, the stone was impacted in the descending colon-sigmoid junction, in the absence of underlying bowel pathology distal to the stone. In light of worsening pain and distension after failed endoscopic treatment, the patient was treated with an(More)
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