Hassan Mishmast Nehi

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1 In this paper I will introduce the trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (IF numbers) and will prove some operations for them. Also I am going to propose a new ordering method for IF numbers in which I will consider two characteristic values of membership and non-membership functions for an IF number. These values are defined by the integral of the(More)
The quadratic assignment problem (QAP) belongs to the class of NP-Hard problems and also is one of the hardest problems in this class. Today, regarding current hardware, solving the large size instances of this problem, using exact methods, is not possible in reasonable amount of time. In this way many heuristic (Meta-heuristic) and approximation methods(More)
In this paper we focus on a kind of linear programming with fuzzy numbers and multiple objectives. First by using α-cuts and fuzzy ranking ,we transform these problems to multi objective problem with fuzzy coefficients and crisp constraint then define necessarily efficiency points for new problem and for solving the problem try to find all of these(More)
In this paper first, we find a canonical symmetrical trape-zoidal(triangular) for the solution of the fuzzy linear system A˜x = ˜ b, where the elements in A and˜b are crisp and arbitrary fuzzy numbers, respectively. Then, a model for fuzzy linear programming problem with fuzzy variables (FLPFV), in which, the right hand side of constraints are arbitrary(More)
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