Hassan Mehrpour

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In this papcr. we fist propose a new matching criterion called bit-planc matching (BPM) for distance mcasurcment i n thc block matching algorithm. This criterion not only considers the magnitudc but also the directive information of the pixel elcments in the block. A simple adaptive block matching algorithm is also developed to adjust the search origin and(More)
In this paper, we present results of a study of flow control in ATM networks. Two classes of flow control are described: preventive and reactive. A preventive control, which uses a static resources allocation, seems inadequate to handle rough traffic in high speed networks. On the other hand, the reactive control schemes, which employ a closed-loop feedback(More)
Packet reservation multiple access (PRMA) was designed for supporting only voice and data traffics. To investigate the performance of PRMA for video transmission, a modified version of PRMA is needed to be considered. In this paper, a modification to the PRMA protocol proposed for supporting video traffic was investigated using a computer simulation. A real(More)
Many methods have been proposed as a self-similar traffic generator. Two of them are Rh4D (Random Midpoint Displacement) and SRA (Successive Random Addition), which are part of FGN (Fractional Gaussian Noise). A comparative study of RMD and SRA is then conducted and presented in this paper, based on its H-estimation and statistical analysis. The comparison(More)
For video sources the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) compression scheme was proposed several years ago and it has become the defacto standard for video compression since then. However, even with the huge reduction of hits that MPEG compression provides, it does not smmth the video traffic. Indeed the Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MPEG compression algorithm(More)