Hassan Masoumi

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Precise liver segmentation in abdominal MRI images is one of the most important steps for the computer-aided diagnosis of liver pathology. The first and essential step for diagnosis is automatic liver segmentation, and this process remains challenging. Extensive research has examined liver segmentation; however, it is challenging to distinguish which(More)
Accurate spleen segmentation in abdominal MRI images is one of the most important steps for computer aided spleen pathology diagnosis. The first and essential step for the diagnosis is the automatic spleen segmentation that is still an open problem. In this paper, we have proposed a new automatic algorithm for spleen area extraction in abdominal MRI images.(More)
MRI imaging is the one of useful abdominal imaging that the image parts are being demonstrated in high quality and clearness. Abdominal MRI images have been widely studied in the recent years as they are becoming an invaluable mean for abdominal organ investigation. In the field of medical image processing, some of the current interests are the automatic(More)
Artificial neural networks have gained a lot of interest as empirical models for their powerful representational capacity, multi input and output mapping characteristics. In fact, most feedforward networks with nonlinear nodal functions have been proved to be universal approximates. In this paper, we propose a new supervised method for color image(More)
The aim of the present research is to develop a comprehensive external evaluation model of sport federations’ performance in Iran using Fuzzy-Entropy decision making pattern in the year 2012. Nowadays, the role of evaluation systems and effective monitoring of organizations is completely known. Studies show that the evaluation system of sport federations’(More)
Arafat Abdel Latef M.R. Abenavoli Gerard Abraham Nudrat Akram Fernando Alferez A.J. Anderson Ricardo Aroca Motoyuki Ashikari Bayram Atasagun M.I. Azarkovich Irfan Aziz Marcos Antonio Bacarin Isabel Baeurle Cheng Bai Edith Bai Aurelien Bailly Mehdi Bakhshaie Tamara Balakhnina Erwin Balazs V. Balderas-Hernandez Balazs Barna Marina Battaglia Eduardo Bejarano(More)
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