Hassan K. Reghbati

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This paper presents an overview of the problem of testing semiconductor random access memories (RAMs). An important aspect of this test procedure is the detection of permanent faults that cause the memory to function incorrectly. Functional-level fault models are very useful for describing a wide variety of RAM faults. Several fault models are &scussed(More)
Various possible implementation schemes for concurrent programming concepts are surveyed. Based upon this examination, computer design features are proposed which assist in the efficient realization of concurrent programming concepts in a multiprocessor machine which is constructed from a number of self-contained processors, each with its own random access(More)
Engineers use large amounts of stereotype knowledge about basic circuit components and design techniques when designing a circuit. This knowledge is used to guide design decisions in order to produce an optimal design. Such stereotyped knowledge can be represented as frames in a knowledge based system and such a knowledge base can be used to implement a(More)