Hassan K. Khalil

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The theory of high-gain observers has been developed for about twenty years. This talk is a brief introduction to high-gain observers in nonlinear feedback control, with emphasis on the peaking phenomenon and the role of control saturation in dealing with it. The talk surveys recent results on the nonlinear separation principle, extended high-gain(More)
An adaptive output feedback control scheme for the output tracking of a class of continuous-time nonlinear plants is presented. An RBF neural network is used to adaptively compensate for the plant nonlinearities. The network weights are adapted using a Lyapunov-based design. The method uses parameter projection, control saturation, and a high-gain observer(More)
This paper considers output feedback control using high-gain observers in the presence of measurement noise for a class of nonlinear systems. We study stability in the presence of measurement noise and illustrate the tradeoff when selecting the observer gain between state reconstruction speed and robustness to model uncertainty on the one hand versus(More)