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Emerging infrastructure of computational grids composed of clusters-of-clusters (CoC) interlinked through high throughput channels promises unprecedented raw compute power for terascale applications. Projects such as the NSF Teragrid and EU Datagrid deploy CoCs across multiple geographical sites providing tens ofteraflops. Efficient scaling of terascale(More)
Execution of applications on upcoming high-performance computing (HPC) systems introduces a variety of new challenges and amplifies many existing ones. These systems will be composed of a large number of “fat” nodes, where each node consists of multiple processors on a chip with symmetric multithreading capabilities, interconnected via(More)
Field-effect transistors (FET) based on graphene as channel has extraordinary properties in terms of charge mobility, charge carrier density etc. However, there are many challenges to graphene based FET due to the fact graphene is a monolayer of atoms in 2-dimentional space that is strongly influenced by the operating conditions. One issue is that the Dirac(More)
This paper is based on a design of actuated prosthetic hand, a five fingered dexterous hand characterized by low cost fabrication. Prosthetic hand has been designed by following a biomedical approach based on biological innovative design. All the four fingers and thumb can move independently which is the novelty of this design.
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