Hassan Ismail Abdalla

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Users of distributed database systems often observe performance problems such as unexpectedly low throughput or high latency. Determining the cause of the performance problems can be very hard task. Bottlenecks can occur in any of the components through which the data flows: the applications, the operating systems, the network interfaces and hardware.(More)
Distributed processing is an effective way to improve performance of database systems. Therefore, fragmentation and proper allocation of fragments across various sites of the network is considered as a key research area in distributed database environment. However, the issue of allocating fragments to the most appropriate sites is not an easy task to(More)
Fragmentation of a large, global databases are performed by dividing the database horizontally, vertically or both. In order to enable distributed database systems to work efficiently, these fragments have to be allocated across the available sites in such a way that reduces communication cost. This paper presents a new efficient data re-allocation model(More)