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Adopting Agile Software Development: Issues and Challenges
In the recent few years more and more software development organizations are striving to adopt agile software development methods and techniques. Successful agile adoption leads to producing higherExpand
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Vision-based multi-robot simultaneous localization and mapping
In this paper we present a vision-based approach for the multi-robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) problem. We study the case of a team of robots equipped with a single camera andExpand
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Agile adoption experience: A case study in the U.A.E
Agile software development methods and techniques have gained attention in the recent few years. The main motive behind adopting agile software development approach is to improve end-product quality,Expand
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An Industrial Case Study for Scrum Adoption
Agile software development methods and techniques have been demonstrated to improve employee morale, enhance end-product quality, and achieve customer satisfaction. Agile adoption always comes withExpand
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License plate automatic detection and recognition using level sets and neural networks
In this paper, we propose a method for automatic license plate detection and recognition in the city of Abu Dhabi. The proposed method starts by segmenting moving vehicles using backgroundExpand
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UAV-based remote sensing for vegetation cover estimation using NDVI imagery and level sets method
Vegetation is a key component of nearly all global ecosystems, having a role of regulating various biogeochemical cycles in nature, as well as maintaining the energy balance at the earth's surfaceExpand
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Using resting state functional MRI to build a personalized autism diagnosis system
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects social functionality and communication abilities of affected subjects. Studying brain functional connectivity is believedExpand
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Script Familiarity and Its Effect on CAPTCHA Usability: An Experiment with Arab Participants
Many web-based services such as email, search engines, and polling sites are being abused by spammers via computer programs known as bots. This problem has bred a new research area called HumanExpand
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Identifying Personalized Autism Related Impairments Using Resting Functional MRI and ADOS Reports
In this study, a personalized computer aided diagnosis system for autism spectrum disorder is introduced. The proposed system uses resting state functional MRI data to build local classifiers, globalExpand
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Plant species recognition using leaf contours
Plants have a significant impact on human's life and development. Plant species identification is essential for scientists working in the agricultural and environmental fields. Recognizing a speciesExpand
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