Hassan H. Hariri

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This paper describes the design and evaluation of a Legged Piezoelectric Miniature Robot (LPMR) propelled by standing wave vibrations at the legs, which are biologically inspired by the bounding gait locomotion of animals. The LPMR comprises of a single piezoelectric patch, a metal beam, two contact joints, two rigid legs and is able to achieve tether-less(More)
In this paper, we developed a kinematic model for a legged piezoelectric miniature robot driven by standing wave. The robot consists of a piezoelectric bending actuator with rigidly attached legs. The kinematic model allows us to compute the velocity analytically so that the robot motion can be predicted. To construct the kinematic model, the behavior of(More)
In small mobile robots, decreasing the number of actuators is usually desirable to reduce the size and weight of the robot, but it is usually at the expense of the robot's degree of freedom (DOF). This work presents the development and preliminary experimental testing of a novel Legged Piezoelectric Miniature Robot (LPMR) driven only by a single(More)
The unusual ability of geckos to climb vertical walls underlies a unique combination of a hierarchical structural design and a stiffer material composition. While a dense array of microscopic hierarchical structures enables the gecko toe pads to adhere to various surfaces, a stiffer material (β-keratin) composition enables them to maintain reliable adhesion(More)
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