Hassan Ghannoum

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The characterization of the UWB channel own behaviour ‘without antennas’ requires a huge measurement and processing work, which should be greatly and efficiently reduced with the help of low angular distortion antennas. Obviously, usual specifications for UWB channel measurements like particularly good matching, omni-directionality and a large(More)
The effects of different UWB antennas on body area propagation channel is analyzed. Different orientations of directional antennas and different spacings 13 between planar antennas and the body are investigated in an on-body scenario. Time domain channel parameters, e.g. mean delay and delay spread, are 15 extracted from measurement data. The distribution(More)
This paper surveys the field of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication channels. Motivated by intelligent transportation systems and vehicular safety, V2V research has proliferated in recent years. We provide a short description of V2V communication systems, and the importance of key channel parameters. This is followed by a discussion of basic channel(More)
Wireless body area networks (WBANs) are becoming an increasingly important part of the wireless communication system. In such a communication system various electronic devices carried by a person on his body can be connected. In this paper, we investigate the UWB body area propagation channel. The channel characterization is based on UWB on-body channel(More)
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