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Strategic evaluation and supplier selection, or strategic supply, is a main subject of supply chain management. Strategic evaluation and supplier selection is a multi-criteria decision problem, considering both tangible and intangible criteria and organizations are seeking various and sometimes opposite objectives in purchasing from suppliers. As the(More)
The obvious characteristics of manufacturing firms are equipment, machinery and their operator's technical skills. Integration and coordination of these characteristics has a great impact on productivity and flexibility of the organization. Optimized organization's designs — besides to modern equipment — can meet the rapid changes in the(More)
Market demands have changed manufacturing process from mass production to mass customization and responding to customers’ needs. Dale[1] argues that this process consists of changes in several areas such as quality management, suppliers and customers, product design, inventory management, maintenance, automation, and etc. Collaboration aims to improve(More)
Value engineering (VE) is a systematic methodology based on a standard job plan. It has been applied in industrial sectors in different countries. The VE process is a creative process that brings about value and quality improvement. This process identifies opportunities to unnecessary cost reduction while maintaining or improving the desired level of(More)
World Class Manufacturing is a management philosophy that emphasizes on meeting external and internal customers’ needs and expectations and importance of doing things right for world market society. One of the most world class production techniques is Just in Time (JIT). JIT production system has some components that need to implement it. Researches show(More)
Decisions in today’s competitive and turbulent environments without access to information can confuse managers. The information system, which is planning, design and deployment as efficient and effective way, can help to improve the organization and create competitive advantages. One of the success factors and effectiveness of information systems in(More)
The new concept of designing global manufacturing for world markets has emerged in the 21 century. Global manufacturing refers to technologies and systems that represent the best modern manufacturing practices successfully implemented in the industries.The concept of dynamic global world-class manufacturing(WCM) has become the single most motivating theory(More)
This study develops a supplier based Economic Production Quantity model as a multi-products EPQ model with discrete delivery orders and constrained space, with assuming imperfect quality of supplier production process and permitted shortage and Reworks employed to repair defective products during the depletion of inventories through available machines in(More)
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