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Allies at arm’s length: Redefining Egyptian–Soviet relations in the 1967 Arab–Israeli war
ABSTRACT This article examines Egyptian–Soviet relations in the run up to the 1967 Arab–Israeli war. It argues that Egypt and the Soviet Union stumbled into brinkmanship with little coordination andExpand
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The Human Side of Verification: Trust and Confidence
The previous chapters set out a concise history of verification, both in the broad area of arms control and non-proliferation, and in the specific context of nuclear warhead dismantlement. ThisExpand
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Chemical Weapons and public health: assessing impact and responses.
BACKGROUND The recent use of Chemical Weapons (CWs) in armed conflicts and terror attacks highlights the importance of understanding their full impact in order to inform an effective response. ThisExpand
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The Future of Chemical Weapons: Implications from the Syrian Civil War
Abstract With chemical weapons (CW) use in Syria raising questions about the health of the CW norm, this article analyzes whether the Syrian case will lead to further proliferation and use ofExpand
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Missing the mark: Dimona and Egypt's slide into the 1967 Arab-Israeli War
ABSTRACT Did nuclear considerations play an important role in the outbreak of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War? This research article seeks to answer this question by examining Egyptian decisions andExpand
What are the prospects for progress in nuclear disarmament
Verification in the Nuclear Arena: Nature, Significance and Practice
In his seminal research on verification and trust in arms control, Allan Krass notes that “no word has suffered more from scepticism and cynicism in superpower diplomacy than ‘trust’”. Clearly, thisExpand
Verifying Warhead Dismantlement: Past, present, future
The Initiative grew out of the work of the ‘Seven Nation Initiative’ driven by Norway after the 2005 NPT Review Conference. It was not part of the initiative as such, however. It sought to identifyExpand
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