Hassan Charaf

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Highly configurable metamodeling environments and graph transformation techniques have been applied successfully in software system modeling and other areas. In this paper a uniform treatment of these two methods is illustrated by a tool called Visual Modeling and Transformation System. The concepts of an n-layer metamodeling environment is outlined with(More)
This paper presents the implementation of synchronized multimedia streaming for the Apple iPhone platform. The idea is to stream multimedia content from a single source to multiple receivers with direct or multi-hop connections to the source. First we look into existing solutions for video streaming on the iPhone for point-to-point architectures. After(More)
Metamodel-based transformations permit descriptions of mappings between models created using different concepts from possibly overlapping domains. This paper describes the basic algorithms used in matching metamodel constructs, and how this match is to be applied. The transformation process facilitates the reuse of models specified in one domain-specific(More)
Graph rewriting-based visual model processing is a widely used technique for model transformation. Visual model transformations often need to follow an algorithm that requires a strict control over the execution sequence of the transformation steps. Therefore, in Visual Model Processors (VMPs) the execution order of the transformation steps is crucial. This(More)
The introduction of UML class diagrams has not raised the abstraction level of development to the extent that was intended: class diagrams are only the visual representations of source class skeletons implemented in a programming language. To improve the productivity, domain-specific languages are applied, which cover a narrow domain, and their high(More)
Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) is an emerging area with the goal of promoting advanced separation of concerns throughout the software development lifecycle. AOSD started on programming language level, but it must be applicable on a higher abstraction level as well. This paper provides an overview of aspect-oriented software development,(More)
The capabilities of current mobile devices and the quality of their screens reached a level, where online reading experience competes with the printed media. Commercially printed magazines and newspapers commonly apply different grid-based page designs. In case of the online magazines the variable conditions, e.g. screen resolution, user preferences and the(More)
We live in an information consumer society; day by day people consume lots of digital content. The reason behind it is that almost all of us have mobile devices that support web browsing, multimedia, and reading different document formats, like HTML, ePub or PDF files. Based on the current trends we can say that tablets are going to be dominant consumer(More)