Hassan Ayoub

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A total of 54 166 mothers delivered at the Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital between 1990 and 1997, including 6119 (11.3%) caesarean sections. Emergency peripartum hysterectomy for obstetric haemorrhage was carried out in 16 cases (0.3/1000 deliveries). The operation followed major degrees of placenta praevia in 12 (75%) cases and atonic postpartum haemorrhage(More)
In wireless systems, most of nowadays scheduler assumes perfect knowledge of the channel quality indicator (CQI) at the transmitter. Unfortunately, this is never the case since the receiver (e.g. mobile users) estimates the CQI at time t-τ and feed back the estimate to the transmitter (e.g. base station). The transmitter uses then this outdated CQI(More)
A retrospective study of twin births at the Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, from January 1987 to December 1996 was carried out. There were 62 739 deliveries and 598 sets of twins. The incidence of twins was one in 105 maternities. The perinatal mortality rate was 46 per 1000 births compared with 12.3 per thousand for singletons. Premature delivery (<34(More)
Egypt has launched a hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment programme using direct-acting antivirals (DAAs). Our aim was to assess the impact of five plausible programme scale-up and sustainability scenarios for HCV treatment as prevention in Egypt. We developed and analysed a mathematical model to assess programme impact using epidemiologic, programming and(More)
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