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We propose a new technique of frequency synchronization for the up-link in an MC-CDMA system. The frequency offset estimation is done in the frequency domain, by estimating the phase difference between two consecutive MC-CDMA symbols of the user of interest. The phase alternation, caused by transmitted user symbols, is eliminated using the knowledge of the(More)
A modification of Moulines' blind second order statistical Channel Subspace approach is proposed for the identification of single input multiple output finite impulse response channels. The modification exploits the transmitter redundancy introduced by a trailing zero filter bank precoder. The method is shown to be robust to common zeros and channel order(More)
Deployment of business process to a mobile environment in a chosen context and in a device independence environment is a difficult task. Business Process is desirable to be deployed to any location or any mobile environment the user tends to be in. The problem in business process deployment is in rapid changes in mobile technologies and user context. In(More)
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. Information technology market leaders, e.g., Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, are extensively shifting toward cloud-based solutions. However, there is isolation in the cloud implementations provided by the cloud vendors. Limited interoperability can cause one user to adhere to a single cloud provider; thus, a(More)