Hassan Ali Hassan

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Numerical simulations of reacting and non-reacting flows within a scramjet combustor configuration experimentally mapped at the University of Virginia’s Scramjet Combustion Facility (operating with Configuration “A”) are described in this paper. Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) and hybrid Large Eddy Simulation / ReynoldsAveraged Navier-Stokes (LES /(More)
INTRODUCTION The effect of parenteral testosterone replacement therapy on prostatic specific antigen (PSA) level or the development or growth of prostate cancer is unclear. AIM To assess the effect of testosterone replacement on PSA level in patients with hypogonadism associated with erectile dysfunction (ED). METHODS A total of 187 male patients above(More)
Purpose: To study the effect of CYP17a inhibitor, “ketoconazole,” on clomiphene responsiveness in PCOS patients. Methods: Prospective analysis was employed with the setup at Alexandria IVF/ICSI center. Ninety-seven insulin-resistant PCOS patients undergoing ovulation induction using clomiphene citrate were randomly divided, by random number table, into two(More)
The most commonly used multiple access technique in wireless communication sphere is the direct sequence code division multiple access. The main drawback of this system is multiple access interference (MAI) caused by sharing a number of users the same channel. Multiuser Detection enhances the performance of DS-CDMA system by combating MAI. In this paper,(More)
In multiuser detection techniques, the maximum likelihood multiuser detector provides the best performance in DS-CDMA systems with impulsive ambient noise. But the high complexity makes it impractical. And therefore, effective sup-optimal detectors in non-Gaussian noise are needed. In this paper, we present two-layer perceptron neural network with back(More)
This study was conducted to assess whether organic fertilization alone or with bio-fertilization could replace mineral fertilization in potato production with no adverse effect on quantity or quality. Therefore, two field experiments were conducted at Maba Farm, Cairo—Alexandria Desert Road in Egypt to evaluate the impact of mineral, organic, and(More)
The aim of the present work was to establish a bioequivalence-indicating dissolution specification for candesartan cilexetil tablets. The discriminating power of the selected medium (0.25% Polysorbate 20 in pH 6.5 phosphate buffer) was assessed relative to that of 0.35% Polysorbate 20 in pH 6.5 phosphate buffer, a medium recommended by the U.S. FDA. Plasma(More)
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