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Adaptation of arm reaching in a novel force field involves co-contraction of upper limb muscles, but it is not known how the co-ordination of multiple muscle activation is orchestrated. We have used intermuscular coherence (IMC) to test whether a coherent intermuscular coupling between muscle pairs is responsible for novel patterns of activation during(More)
Nowadays, the globalization of the manufacturing enterprises requires collaboration across frontiers. In order to attain effective collaboration, the information about the product life cycle must be captured and administrated in a way that supports the decision taken during the product development. In this context, the manufacturing process information(More)
We experimentally investigated conductivity and mobility of poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) doped with tetrafluorotetracyanoquinodimethane (F 4 TCNQ) for various relative doping concentrations ranging from ultralow (10 −5) to high (10 −1) and various active layer thicknesses. Although the measured conductivity monotonously increases with increasing doping(More)
UNLABELLED We investigate the scalability of the temperature- and electric field-dependence of the conductivity of disordered organic semiconductors to 'universal' curves by two different but commonly employed methods; by so-called universal scaling and by using the effective temperature concept. Experimentally both scaling methods were found to be equally(More)
Recent advances in web technologies have led to the concept of collaborative product design and development. This includes geographically separated teams, co-located over wide area networks for the marketing, design and manufacturing. In this paper a practice of implementing a nonnetworked knowledge-based system for product development over a networked(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the urodynamic parameters, continence rates, and complications between two different continent urinary reservoirs-the sigmoid neobladder (SN) and W-shaped ileal neobladder (IN). MATERIAL AND METHODS Sixty patients with bladder cancer underwent radical cystectomy and were divided into two groups. The first group comprised 33 patients(More)
Recent developments in mobile brain-body imaging (MoBI) technologies have enabled studies of human locomotion where subjects are able to move freely in more ecologically valid scenarios. In this study, MoBI was employed to describe the behavioral and neurophysiological aspects of three different commonly occurring walking conditions in healthy adults. The(More)
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