Hassan A. Karimi

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An assessment of the equilibrium dynamics of biomolecular systems, and in particular their most cooperative fluctuations accessible under native state conditions, is a first step towards understanding molecular mechanisms relevant to biological function. We present a web-based system, oGNM that enables users to calculate online the shape and dispersion of(More)
Current navigation systems/services allow drivers to keep track of their precise whereabouts and provide optimal routes to reach specified locations. A reliable map-matching algorithm is an indispensable and integral part of any land-based navigation system/service. This paper reviews existing map-matching algorithms with the aim of highlighting their(More)
MOTIVATION The knowledge of protein structure is not sufficient for understanding and controlling its function. Function is a dynamic property. Although protein structural information has been rapidly accumulating in databases, little effort has been invested to date toward systematically characterizing protein dynamics. The recent success of analytical(More)
Location-aware computing is a type of ubiquitous computing that uses user’s location information as an essential parameter for providing services and application-related optimization. Location management plays an important role in location-aware computing because the provision of services requires convenient access to dynamic location and location-dependent(More)
Environmental models have been developed to address narrowly defined issues. As these issues become broader and scientific understanding grows, models become more complex. A variety of methodologies couple environmental models to address multifaceted issues, such as cross-media effects, risk analysis, and environmental justice investigations. This study(More)
Much research has recently been devoted to developing approaches, techniques, and technologies which assist people with navigation within buildings. Routing is an essential technique often requested by users prior to real-time navigation, providing them with appropriate routes within buildings. A survey of the literature reveals indoor routing approaches(More)
Emissions from automobiles and trucks operating on public roads represent a major portion of the air pollutants included in emission inventories. When emission data are prepared for air quality modeling studies, such as those supporting development of a State Implementation Plan, an emission processor matches the spatial and temporal resolution of the(More)