Hasnun Arif Hassan

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PARALLEL DSMC SOLUTION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL FLOW OVER A FINITE FLAT PLATE Robert P. Nance* North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina Richard G. Wilmoth† NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia Bongki Moon‡ University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland H. A. Hassan§ North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina Joel Saltz¶(More)
A moment method for computing 3-D radiative transport is applied to axisymmetric ows in thermochemical nonequilibrium. Such ows are representative of proposed aerobrake missions. The method uses the P-1 approximation to reduce the governing system of integro-di erential equations to a coupled set of partial di erential equations. A numerical solution method(More)
  • Robert P. Nance, H. A. Hassan, Richard G. Wilmoth, Bongki Moon Joel Saltz
  • 1995
This paper describes a parallel implementation of the direct simulation Monte Carlo method. Runtime library support is used for scheduling and execution of communication between nodes, and domain decomposition is performed dynamically to maintain a favorable load balance. Performance tests are conducted using the code to evaluate various remapping and(More)
BACKGROUND The Middle East construction sector is heavily reliant on a migrant workforce that predominantly originates from South Asia. It is common practice for migrant construction workers to pay a local labour recruiter the equivalent of one or more years' prospective overseas salary to secure employment, work and travel permits and transportation. The(More)
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