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Early effects of salt stress on the physiological and oxidative status of Cakile maritima (halophyte) and Arabidopsis thaliana (glycophyte).
Early changes in physiological and oxidative status induced by salt stress were monitored in two Brassicaceae plants differing in their tolerance to salinity, Cakile maritima (halophyte) andExpand
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A comparative study of the early osmotic, ionic, redox and hormonal signaling response in leaves and roots of two halophytes and a glycophyte to salinity
Salt stress is one of the most important abiotic stress factors affecting plant growth and productivity in natural ecosystems. In this study, we aimed at determining possible differences between saltExpand
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Physiological response of halophytes to multiple stresses.
As halophytes grow vigorously in saline soils, they serve as extraordinary resources for the identification and development of new crop systems. Understanding the mechanisms of tolerance ofExpand
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Increased sensitivity to salt stress in tocopherol-deficient Arabidopsis mutants growing in a hydroponic system
Recent studies suggest that tocopherols could play physiological roles in salt tolerance but the mechanisms are still unknown. In this study, we analyzed changes in growth, mineral and oxidativeExpand
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Phospholipases Dζ1 and Dζ2 have distinct roles in growth and antioxidant systems in Arabidopsis thaliana responding to salt stress
AbstractMain conclusionPhospholipases Dζ play different roles in Arabidopsis salt tolerance affecting the regulation of ion transport and antioxidant responses. Lipid signalling mediated byExpand
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Drought and cadmium may be as effective as salinity in conferring subsequent salt stress tolerance in Cakile maritima
Plants are often exposed to a combination of stresses, which can occur simultaneously or at different times throughout their life. In this study, the effects of salinity, drought and cadmiumExpand
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H2O2 seed priming improves tolerance to salinity; drought and their combined effect more than mannitol in Cakile maritima when compared to Eutrema salsugineum.
The effect of H2O2 and mannitol seed priming was investigated on plant growth, oxidative stress biomarkers and activities of antioxidant enzymes in leaves of Cakile maritima and Eutrema salsugineum,Expand
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