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Remote health monitoring system has been an interesting topic recently among medical practitioners, engineers as well as IT professionals. However, the application of remote health monitoring system where doctor's can monitor patients' vital signs via web is practically new in Malaysia and other countries. Remote health monitoring system is beneficial to(More)
This paper presents an improved robust Proportional Derivative controller for a 3-Degree-of-Freedom (3-DOF) bench-top helicopter by using adaptive methodology. Bench-top helicopter is a laboratory scale helicopter used for experimental purposes which is widely used in teaching laboratory and research. Proportional Derivative controller has been developed(More)
This paper contains a new proposed regarding on robust adaptive control method merge with Linear-Quadratic Regulator (LQR), to design a faster response controller for uncertain characterized three degree of freedom (3-DOF) flight control module. 3-DOF helicopter is a bench-top module use in laboratory for experimental purposes only. From the previous(More)
Malaysia has invested on public transport over the years to improve quality of leaving. Transportation has been identified as the key area in Malaysia's government transformation programme. In Malaysia, many people still choose to use their own transport compared to public transport to travel. For efficient public transport service such as bus, real-time(More)
Halal certification is very crucial these days. In Malaysia, JAKIM plays very important role to certify halal product. Products with halal certification become highest priority in users' demands in Muslim country, particularly in Malaysia. However, due to the rapid development of advanced technology, irresponsible manufactures resort to produce fake halal(More)
Background: This paper presents the statistics of rainfall at 60-minute integration time in Malaysia for the period of 12 months from January to December 2009. Objective: To analyze the statistics and characteristics of rainfall intensity measurement at KLIA, Malaysia. To study the behavior of measured rainfall intensity and represent the annual(More)
In this paper, By magnetic inductive resonance method or wireless inductive power transfer method, a couple circuits can be used to transfer power wirelessly, where the individual nodes are battery less to make them maintenance free. The main working principal of magnetic inductive resonance is Electromagnetic field inductance between two coils that are(More)
Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) method is a robust control design based on frequency domain of feedback control systems. It is applicable for practical design especially in the problem of parametric uncertainty. With this, the objectives of QFT are to ensure the plants' stability by removing the effect of disturbances and reducing the sensitivity of(More)
Human Gait Recognition is typically alluded to imply the human ID by the style/way individuals stroll in picture sequences. Our point is to execute the customary gait recognition calculation and to demonstrate the variety in recognition when subject is watched parallel to camera under three conditions-walking slow, at typical speed and walking quickly. For(More)