Haslenda Hashim

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The utilisation of municipal solid waste (MSW) for energy production has been implemented globally for many decades. Malaysia, however, is still highly dependent on landfills for MSWmanagement. Because of the concern for greenhouse gases (GHG) emission and the scarcity of land, Malaysia has an urgent need for a better waste management strategy. This study(More)
This paper considers the problem of reducing CO2 emissions from a power grid consisting of a variety of power-generating plants: coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, and alternative energy. The problem is formulated as a mixed integer linear program (MILP) and implemented in GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System). Preprocessing and variable(More)
This work presents the development of a systematic technique to target freshwater consumption and wastewater generation to achieve the maximum water recovery for systems involving single contaminant. A generic linear programming (LP) model has been developed based on water network superstructure to simultaneously generate the maximum water recovery targets(More)
This paper presents a systematic computer aided technique to design a sustainable (safe, environmentally friendly and economical) tailor-made “green diesel” blend that satisfies a set of desirable target properties. In this work, the software, Integrated Computer Aided System (ICAS) was used to predict the green diesel properties. The blending model is(More)
The reliance of the world economies on the use of fossil fuels (i.e. coal, natural gas and oil) as primary source of energy, have contributes to the high emission of CO2 in atmosphere. One of the promising way to mitigate the CO2 emission is by implemented Post Combustion Carbon Capture (PCCC) through absorption process. PCCC by amines based solvent is a(More)
Rapid population growth and urbanisation have generated large amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) in many cities. Up to 40-60% of Malaysia's MSW is reported to be food waste where such waste is highly putrescible and can cause bad odour and public health issue if its disposal is delayed. In this study, the implementation of community composting in a(More)
This paper presents a mathematical model for a cost effective minimum water network for intra and interplant involving multiple contaminants for a set of process plants. A generic mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) model has been developed based on water network superstructure to targets and design minimum water network for retrofit design. The(More)
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