Hashim Abdul Razak

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The agricultural industry in Malaysia has grown rapidly over the years. Palm oil clinker (POC) is a byproduct obtained from the palm oil industry. Its lightweight properties allows for its utilization as an aggregate, while in powder form as a filler material in concrete. POC specimens obtained throughout each state in Malaysia were investigated to evaluate(More)
This paper reports on a two-step approach for optimally determining the location and severity of damage in beam structures under flexural vibration. The first step focuses on damage location detection. This is done by defining the damage index called relative wavelet packet entropy (RWPE). The damage severities of the model in terms of loss of stiffness are(More)
This study investigates the engineering performance and CO 2 footprint of mortar mixers by replacing Portland cement with 10%, 20%, 40% and 60% fly ash, a common industrial waste material. Samples of self-compacting mortar (SCM) were prepared with four different water/binder ratios and varying dosages of superplasticizer to give three ranges of workability,(More)
This paper presents an improved approach where the wavelet functions are developed for particularly two-dimensional (2D) trusses. In the proposed scheme, a clear-cut formulation in a fluent manner has been derived to numerically solve the second-ordered differential equation of motion governing 2D trusses using two different types of basis functions(More)
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