Haseeb Zubair

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SCOPE Anticancer polyphenolic nutraceuticals from fruits, vegetables, and spices are generally recognized as antioxidants, but can be prooxidants in the presence of copper ions. We earlier proposed a(More)
Ascorbic acid is an essential micronutrient and is considered to have an antioxidant function in living systems. For the past several decades, ascorbic acid has been the subject of considerable(More)
Gossypol is a polyphenolic aldehyde that is produced in the cotton plant. Since long it has been reported to possess antiproliferative activity against a variety of cancer cell lines as well as tumor(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the mechanism of action involved in the anti-cancer activity of daidzein and identification of cancer specific micro-environment as therapeutic target of this(More)
Plant-derived dietary antioxidants have attracted considerable interest in recent past for their ability to induce apoptosis and regression of tumors in animal models. While it is believed that the(More)