Hasanpasha Sholapur

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A major problem in ocular therapeutics is the attainment of optimal drug concentration at the site of action, which is compromised mainly due to precorneal loss resulting in only a small fraction of the drug being ocularly absorbed [1]. The effective dose administered may be altered by increasing the retention time of medication into the eye by using in(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental study has revealed the antidiabetic potentials of ethanolic extract of the bark of Moringa oleifera Lam., (Moringaceae), a multipurpose tree of south Asia. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of alcoholic and petroleum ether extracts of Moringa oleifera bark on acute and chronic insulin resistance induced by dexamethasone in rats.(More)
BACKGROUND The osmotic drug delivery systems suitable for oral administration typically consist of a compressed tablet core that is coated with a semipermeable membrane that has an orifice drilled on it by means of a laser beam or mechanical drill. Ketorolac is a nonsteroidal agent with powerful analgesic. Oral bioavailability of ketorolac was reported to(More)
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