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This paper examines the context and status of evaluation research in telemedicine, and it proposes a two-pronged strategy for addressing the critical policy and programmatic concerns in this field. It explains the evolution of evaluation research in the United States, and it describes a comprehensive typology and requirements for valid evaluation. Major(More)
BACKGROUND Despite promising data in Western countries, there is a dearth of research into the efficacy of text messaging-based smoking cessation programs in other settings, including the Middle East, where smoking prevalence rates are higher. OBJECTIVE This paper reports cessation rates observed in SMS Turkey, a text messaging-based smoking cessation(More)
The use of videoconferencing for psychiatric involuntary commitment hearings is not a recent development. The courts ruled on the constitutionality of these proceedings as long ago as 1993. In 2004 University of Michigan Hospital began videoconferencing involuntary commitment hearings with Washtenaw County Probate Court. The experience of the University of(More)
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