Hasan Rastegar

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A new strategy in wind speed prediction based on fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks was proposed. The new strategy for fuzzy logic not only provides significantly less rule base but also has increased estimated wind speed accuracy when compared to traditional one. Meanwhile, applying the proposed approach to artificial neural network leads to less(More)
This paper presents a neuro-based short term load forecasting (STLF) method for Iran National Power System (INPS) and its regions. The architecture of the proposed network is a three-layer feed forward neural network whose parameters are tuned by Levenberg-Marquardt BP (LMBP) augmented by an early stopping (ES) method tried out for increasing the speed of(More)
Electric power steering is a new kind of power steering which is developing rapidly these years due to their superior energy efficiency and energy conservation. This paper presents the design criteria of a tubular linear motor with interior permanent magnet and a tubular interior permanent magnet linear motor is designed and optimized with respect to weight(More)
Nowadays, the energy crisis has forced the need to recover the energy which is normally wasted in industrial processes. Gas pressure reducing process in city or power plant gas stations is one of these processes in which the energy is wasted. This work is done by turbo-expanders in parallel with gas regulating valves. In electrical industry, these devices(More)
This paper proposes a new method for direct power control (DPC) of a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind energy conversion systems. In this method, the hysteresis comparator and the switching look-up table of conventional DPC are replaced by a PWM modulator. The rotor control voltages are calculated in any sampling period directly using the(More)