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An optimal control strategy based on the linear quadratic regulator approach is proposed for single-phase uninterruptible power supplies in continuous time. The objective of the controller is to achieve a fast transient response, good voltage regulation, and low total harmonic distortion of the output voltage under linear and nonlinear loads. It is shown(More)
This paper presents an adaptive terminal sliding mode control (ATSMC) strategy for DC-DC buck converters. The idea behind this strategy is to use the terminal sliding mode control (TSMC) approach to assure finite time convergence of the output voltage error to the equilibrium point and integrate an adaptive law to the TSMC strategy so as to achieve a(More)
This paper presents an optimized sliding mode control (SMC) strategy to maximize existence region for single-phase dynamic voltage restorers. It is shown analytically that there exists an optimum sliding coefficient which enlarges the existence region of the sliding mode to its maximum. Also, it is pointed out that the optimum sliding coefficient improves(More)