Hasan Khaddour

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This article presents a new system for estimating the direction of multiple speakers and zooming the sound of one of them at a time. The proposed system is a combination of two levels; namely, sound source direction estimation, and acoustic zooming. The sound source direction estimation uses the so-called energetic analysis method for estimating the(More)
This paper presents a method for sound source direction estimation called Energetic analysis method, and studies the influence of the localization of the signal in the time and the frequency domains on the accuracy of this method. The resolution in time-frequency domain differs depending on the used transform. Different transforms are used in this paper,(More)
Sound quality is a major issue of concern for all modern telecom and audiovisual systems. The evaluation of sound quality includes both objective and subjective methods. The subjective methods reflect the listeners perception of the sound and the objective methods try to evaluate the sound parameters affecting its quality in correlation with the results of(More)
Localization of the sound source using microphone arrays is largely done by Acoustical Holography or Beamforming method. In this paper we present an implementation of Delay-And-Sum algorithm for beamforming computation using various microphone arrays. A MATLAB code was implemented for postprocessing of obtained acoustic signals. There is also included a(More)
This paper focuses on utilization of B-format signals in sound source localization using two different methods. Whereas the first method is based on the principle of B-format signals, the second one is based on energetic analysis of B-format signals. Average square difference function method is simulated and tested in order to be compared with the previous(More)
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