Hasan Ibne Akram

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Although MATLAB has become one of the mainstream languages for the machine learning community, there is still skepticism among the Grammatical Inference (GI) community regarding the suitability of MATLAB for implementing and running GI algorithms. In this paper we will present implementation results of several GI algorithms, e.g., RPNI (Regular Positive and(More)
Inferring a regular language from examples and counter-examples is a classical problem in grammatical inference. It is also known as a variant of automata synthesis or grammar induction problems and corresponds to finding the smallest DFA consistent with a labelled sample of strings. The best known algorithm to solve this problem runs in polynomial (but(More)
In this paper we investigate learning of probabilistic subsequential transducers in an active learning environment. In our learning algorithm the learner interacts with an oracle by asking probabilistic queries on the observed data. We prove our algorithm in an identification in the limit model. We also provide experimental evidence to show the correctness(More)
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