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This paper presents the e-Government capabilities and thereby identifies obstacles within e-Government implementation in Pakistan. The e-Government is the use of technology by government for its citizens so as to provide faster and better access to e-services to Pakistani citizens. There is a lot of interaction which takes place between government and(More)
There is always a desire for error free communication, so the Convolutional Encoding with Viterbi Decoding is a step towards an error free communication. In this paper, Convolutional Encoder with Viterbi Decoder is applied on Basys2 Sparten-3E Field-Programmable gate array (FPGA) Board. In this paper, there are two parts. In first part, bit error rate(More)
The Intertwining of Human and Technological in a Digital Native Community (Laura Carletti) Performance of Serial Concatenated Convolutional Codes on Faded Channels (Sajjad Ahmed Ghauri, Muhammad Sajid Javaid, Hanan Adeel, Hasan Humayun) Image Observation on the Modified ECB Operations in Advanced Encryption Standard (Chi-Wu Huang, Ying-Hao Tu, Hsing-Chang(More)
Assessing the e-Government Capabilities for Obstacle Identification within Pakistan (Muhammad Bilal Kayani, Muhammad Ehsan ul Haq, Mobeen Iqbal, Hasan Humayun) Constructing a Standardized Multi-Criteria Tender Evaluation for IT Projects using Balanced Scorecard (Fauziah Baharom, Norida Muhd Darus, Haslina Mohd, Maznah Mat Kassim, Zaharin Marzuki, Norita Md(More)
An analysis of performance of Serially Concatenated Convolutional Codes (SCCC) is evaluated on Additive White Gaussian Noise model channel, which is used as a basis, and actions of SCCC on Raleigh flat slow and flat fast faded channels are evaluated in this research work. In DCS the SCCC are utilized to reduce the bit error rates. SCCC encoder consists of(More)
A communication system is always prone to impairments, impairments such as noise, inter symbol interference (ISI) etc. are a major threat in channels but they are always compensated by the receiver in communication system. The compensation is usually done by introducing equalization and its different techniques. Submitted paper starts with equalization(More)
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