Hasan H Uysal

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A 68-year-old woman with progressive visual loss and exophthalmos in her right eye had been operated on for a mass in her right calf 3 years earlier. Imaging showed a huge mass invading the orbital structures and temporal pole. The presumptive diagnosis was a malignant orbital tumor. The tumor was resected totally and eroded tissues such as the lateral(More)
The effects of aluminum on the pulmonary function of aluminum workers were investigated in this study. Serum aluminum levels and spirometry were measured in 55 male workers and 30 male controls. The mean serum aluminum level of workers (72.7 +/- 9.9 ng/ml) was significantly high compared to that of controls, indicating aluminum toxicity. Spirometric(More)
OBJECTIVE Conconi et al. proposed that the point where heart rate departed from linearity in an incremental exercise test was a good indicator of the anaerobic threshold. However, the heart rate deflection points (HRDPs) can not be determined in many subjects. The aim of this study was to determine the heart rate deflection point by the Dmax method and to(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study is to calculate the treatment plans and to compare the dose distributions and dose-volume histograms (DVH) for 6 external radiotherapy techniques for the treatment of retinoblastoma as well as intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (Cyberknife). METHODS Treatment plans were(More)
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