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Wavelet-based study of valence–arousal model of emotions on EEG signals with LabVIEW
This paper illustrates the wavelet-based feature extraction for emotion assessment using electroencephalogram (EEG) signal through graphical coding design. Expand
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Numerical assessment of tsunami attack on a rubble mound breakwater using OpenFOAM
Abstract A numerical assessment study of tsunami attack on the rubble mound breakwater of Haydarpasa Port, located at the southern entrance of the Istanbul Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of Marmara,Expand
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Design of a fuzzy-labview-based mechanical ventilator
The purpose of the present study is to design a fuzzy-based mechanical ventilator and obtain respiration waveforms. Expand
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Design and Implementation of Training Mechanical Ventilator Set for Clinicians and Students
Abstract Mechanical ventilator is a widely used device generating a controlled a flow of gas into patient's lungs in anesthesia and intensive care units. The patients are usually connected with theExpand
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Estimation of inspiration and expiration time by using fuzzy control with respect to lung's dynamics
  • Hasan Guler, F. Ata
  • Engineering
  • Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing…
  • 1 September 2009
In this study, estimation of inspiration and expiration time in positive pressure ventilator, which implements patient's artificial respiratory system that has been disturbed is performed with fuzzy logic controller. Expand
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The design of memristor based high pass filter circuit
  • M. Sahin, Hasan Guler
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • 24th IEEE International Conference on Electronics…
  • 1 December 2017
In this paper, we use an emulator circuit which seems memristors property basic to explain the high pass filter with memristor. Expand
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Performance of rubble mound breakwaters under tsunami attack, a case study: Haydarpasa Port, Istanbul, Turkey
Abstract Ports are one of the most vulnerable coastal utilities in case of marine natural hazards such as tsunamis and need to be protected against their devastating effects. Thus, studying theExpand
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Memristor as two terminal circuit element relating electrical charge and magnetic flux was proposed in 1971 by Leon Chua. But the first practical implementation has been realized by Willams’ group atExpand
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