Hasan Ersel

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DOI 10 .1080/102426 903200 011051 3 efen ce and Peace Economics Orig inal Articl 20 03 Taylor and Francis Ltd 15 3 4 H sa Ersel, Y pi K e i B k,Yapi Kredi Plaza D Block,Leven t 806 20,Istanbul ,Turkey +9 2 12 339 6 30 her l@ykb.com National Defense is a public good that requires resources for its production and its availability affects the economic behavior(More)
In the aftermath of the 2000-2001crisis the banking sector in Turkey was in turbulence requiring immediate action. The rescue operation sky-rocketed the public debt-to-gross domestic product ratio. The fiscal dominance caused by high public debt put a severe constraint on the conduct of monetary policy. Other challenges were the high exchange rate(More)
The objective of this study is to examine whether published investment advice generates higher returns for investors. We investigate the impact of security recommendations in the financial press on common stock prices in Istanbul Stock Exchange. Recommendations of Investor Ali column of the weekly-published popular economics journal Moneymatik constitutes(More)
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