Hasan Dumanli

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Wireless access is known to be power-hungry for mobile devices. A key reason is that devices radiate power in all directions and much of this power will not reach the destination. To address this waste, we present <i>BeamSwitch</i>, a multi-antenna system designed to realize directional communication efficiently. Unlike power-hungry and expensive(More)
Directional communication has the potential to improve the energy efficiency of wireless communication without sacrificing its quality. We present a system solution, BeamSwitch, for directional communication on mobile devices. BeamSwitch employs a special multi-antenna system that consists of multiple identical directional antennas 1 , or beams, a single(More)
The radio front-end (RF) is a major power consumer on mobile systems. In particular, the power amplifier (PA) is the most power-hungry component for wireless transmission. We aim at significantly reducing the energy consumption by the PA in 802.11 interfaces by using directional antennas, or directional transmission, without changing the network(More)
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