Hasan Ciftçi

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Biological degradation of cyanide has been shown a viable and robust process for degrading cyanide in mining process wastewaters. Several algal cultures can effectively degrade cyanide as carbon and/or nitrogen source for their growth. In this study, cyanide effluent degradation by Scenedesmus obliquus was examined. Gold mill effluents containing WAD(More)
As Gardnerella vaginalis is accepted as a member of normal vaginal flora, it is one of the dominant species which has been related to bacterial vaginosis (BV). The aim of this study was to determine the isolation rate, biotypes and antibiotic resistance patterns of G.vaginalis from the vaginal swab samples of 408 women who were admitted to the outpatient(More)
Anahtar Kelimeler Kömür atığı, Susuzlandırma, Tikiner, Flokülant, Çöktürme Özet: Bu çalışmada, Dereköy Lavvar Tesisi (Soma, Manisa) tikiner girişinden alınan numune üzerinde anyonik (Akkim Akua 5220, Brentag Brentamer A 2030, Brentag Brentamer A 2530, Bifloc An 254, Minefloc Lot X 4119, 3F Sedifloc 750 AHM), katyonik (Snf 5980 Sl ve 3f Sedifloc 408 C) ve(More)
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