Hasan Al-Sayegh

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Literature on the relationship between depression and C-reactive protein (CRP), a biomarker of systematic inflammation, remains inconsistent. Insufficient adjustment for confounders and effect modifiers might be one explanation. We used the data of 6396 men and 6610 women aged 18 or older, who completed a depression screening and had blood collected as a(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the use of autologous bone marrow concentrate (BMC) with and without an adipose graft, for treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA). METHODS Treatment registry data for patients who underwent BMC procedures with and without an adipose graft were analyzed. Pre- and posttreatment outcomes of interest included the lower extremity(More)
INTRODUCTION This was a prospective case series designed to investigate treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears using an injection of autologous bone marrow concentrate. METHODS Consecutive adult patients presenting to a private outpatient interventional musculoskeletal and pain practice with knee pain, ACL laxity on exam, and magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND The mortality pattern of individuals with impaired verbal memory (IVM) has not yet been well described. We sought to describe the risk of all-causes, as well as specific causes of death associated with IVM. METHOD We used the data of 4151 nationally representative adults ≥60 years old who participated in the third National Health and Nutrition(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies describing the treatment of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis with injections of bone marrow concentrate have provided encouraging results. The relationship between the cellular dose contained within the bone marrow concentrate and efficacy of the treatment, however, is unclear. In the present study we describe clinical outcomes for(More)
INTRODUCTION Shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal complaint in the general population. Bone marrow concentrate (BMC) injections offer promising potential as a minimally invasive approach for treatment of shoulder pain in degenerative disease. In this study, we investigated the clinical outcomes of the BMC injections for treatment of shoulder pain and(More)
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