Hasan Al-Marzouqi

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—In this work we propose using the coefficient of variation as a cost function to improve seismic data representation in the curvelet domain. Performance improvement is demonstrated in denoising and compressed sensing data recovery. The demonstrated approach can be extended to other seismic applications and alternate transforms. I. INTRODUCTION Directional(More)
The curvelet transform is a recently introduced non-adaptive multi-scale transform that have gained popularity in the image processing field. In this paper, we study the effect of customized tiling of frequency content in the curvelet transform. Specifically, we investigate the effect of the size of the coarsest level and its relationship to denoising(More)
—This paper presents a new method for texture based image retrieval. The proposed algorithm uses a periodically extended variant of the curvelet transform. The sum of the absolute value of differences in the mean and standard deviation between curvelet wedges representing the query image and the test image is used as the distance index. Performance(More)
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